Ten books on architecture

Categoria: Monografia Autore: Ingrid D. Rowland, Vitruvio

translation by Ingrid D. Rowland ; commentary and illustrations by Thomas Noble Howe with additional commentary by Ingrid D. Rowland and Michael J. Dewar

Cambridge university press, 1999



List of Illustrations

Transaltor’s Preface

Illustrator’s Preface


List of manuscripts seen

The translation

  • Book 1: First Principles and the Layout of Cities
  • Book 2: Building Materials
  • Book 3: Temples
  • Book 4: Corinthian, Doric and Tuscan Temples
  • Book 5: Public Buildings
  • Book 6: Private Buildings
  • Book 7: Finishing
  • Book 8: Water
  • Book 9: Sundials and Clocks
  • Book 10: Machines



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